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SRA - Horse Database (SRA-HD) is a new, improved addition of our former Punters' Black Book freeware .

Our main purpose is to provide our fellow punters with a sophisticated and free tool to store the most important data of their favourite horses at a one place.

Major changes have affected the following parts of the Punters' Black Book:
1. The main menu and the system have been unified and changed to the latest Windows technology called "Control Bar".
2. The basic database has been extended largely by adding to it many of the important attributes of race contenders.
3. A new popup list of the Australian racing tracks has been added to SRA-HD as well for your convenience.
4. From now on, you can store the data of the horses' runs on different tracks. This new database helps you follow the horse's trackwork and the weight it carried through out the racing season.
5. This new feature provides you with the visual tool s for showing the trends of changes in trackwork and weight carried by the horse.
6. Animation has been also added SRA-HD.

7. If this edition is generating the desired amount of interest, we will add a popup list of inform jockeys and trainers to the next SRA-HD.
8. A further advanced version of this database will be included in - Win-SRA2001 .




Enquiries to: Les Burton  
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Phone: +61 2 9310 3241 
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Last updated January 2001



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