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Advanced features of SRA-HD


The 'Runs' toolbar

The tool bar below the menu has three controllers.

From left to right, the first is a button, which will turn on or off the Graph at the bottom of the Runs form. Its default value is ON (the button is down ).

With the next drop-down list you can sort the content of the Previous Runs' Grid.
Four different sorting are available:
- No sorting (in the order you have entered the previous races)
- Sorting by the date of the race (the latest race is on top, the one before is under it, etc.)
- Sorting by the distance of the race
- and sorting by the name of the track
We decided to put the most recent run of a horse on top for your convenience. When you have reached the stage when there are more horses than rows in the table you will still see the latest runs of the horse.
The last controller is a drop-down list again. With the help of it one can filter the races displayed in the grid.
In other words you can examine all the races or the races run in the last month, last 3 months, last 6 months or all races from the past year!
This feature comes very handy when you use the Graph beneath the Previous Runs' Grid.

The Edit tool bar

The edit panel contains four buttons. The first 3 (from left to right) are the common clipboard functions used by most Windows applications, namely "Cut", "Copy" and "Paste". They work the same way in SRA-HD as in other applications.

As you have probably seen it you can not enter the name of a new horse or change it in the same way as you could in the Black Book of SRA2001. The reason behind this is that SRA-HD checks the horse’s name you entered to warn you of an existing entry of the same name!

The last button in the Edit tool bar facilitates the changing of a horse’s name for all reasons.
(The program does not allow changing the name of a horse to the name of another already in the database.)

Database navigation bar

This bar has six buttons. They have double functionalities depending on whether you are browsing the list of horse-names or the list of the previous runs of a particular horse.

[In each database application when you are browsing through it, there is a cursor for the current data. in the shape of a little arrow appearing on the left side of the list of horse’s names.]

The first four buttons (from left to right) are the usual database navigation buttons.
So when you are browsing the list of horses use them to move the cursor to the first horse, the prior horse, the next horse or to the last horse in the list, respectively. The same applies to the list of previous races, you can go to the first, prior, next or last race, also.

The last two buttons also have dual roles as the first four do. You can insert a new horse or race into the database with the button, or delete a horse, or race from the database with the button.. You can also delete a horse or a race where your database cursor stands.



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