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Training form

The Training form contains 3 different blocks of information:

1. Details of the training of a horse.

Enter the name of the trainer , the training track and the name of the usual rider .
You can pick the name of the training track if you click on the small button in the right corner (red circle on the picture).

Displaying part of that list.

Select the name of the track and click the [Ok] button.

2. The name of the owners
If there are more than one name just enter them one after the other. You can separate them with a comma, or a semicolon if you like.

3. The Stewards' Report of the previous runs of the horse.

This grid is closely connected to the grid at the top of the Runs form, where you can enter the details of the previous races of the horse.
After inserting the data of a new run on the Runs form, you can go on to the Training form and enter the Stewards' Report if appropriate. The date of the run can be entered or modified only on the Runs form!
Press the small button (red circled) in the right corner of the entry field for the list of Stewards' Reports, a selection is available for making data entry easier and faster.



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