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Most punters regular or occasional who also surf the Net has heard of NetTAB in their travels. They have quickly came to terms with the win and place betting, quinellas as well as box trifecta betting, which is straight forward and easy in terms of manpower.      

On the other hand the more astute punters who use Exotic Betting to rely on as the basis of their source of winning from the racing game were left wondering just how could those multiple combination of bets be relaid through the system with allot less effort another words Automate the System, as in its present entirety it is a non starter.   

The more astute punters prefer Exotic Betting as the mainstay of their winnings from racing. Until now they had little or no alternative besides, a lot of laborious typing (NetTAB) or filling out a lot of betting tickets. The only way to get around this was to Box their bets with most forms of Exotic Betting, which is an uneconomical form of wagering. 

The desired effect was to automate this process.  

It is almost impossible to couple, say as few as 4 horses in a Trifecta and be able to type the combinations (24) through, still not forgetting a few Quinellas and Win bets, let alone if it happens to be a Dutch book situation. We could be talking about up to 36 combinations of different nominations. Not only the lack of time but the strong likelihood of human error creeping in amongst the typed out bets. I am speaking from experience. I had my secretary learning the codes for the different types of bets for days, as expert a typist  she was we still had problems. Hardly finished typing in the bets of a race by the time the next race was starting, leaving us in an utter confusion.  

Coupling up as few as 4 horses in a Trifecta, type out the necessary (24) combinations for it, as well as some Quinella and Win bets, Dutch Book wagering more of still. We are talking of approximately of 36 bets in all of different combinations and nominations, this became a huge task. Due to the length of time available to do it in the main foe the good old human error creeping in ever so often, costing at times dearly. I  asked my secretary to learn all the betting codes, as an accomplished a typist she was, the problems still prevailed. 

The worst part of it all was that we could not take advantage of the all important late price fluctuations. It just wasn't working, in most cases frustration was substituted by ill judgement.

NOT exactly the right environment to lay out the bets of the day’s selections that one had worked so studiously on. This is when I had a word with my programmer to find a way to alleviate the problem. The result was nothing short of perfection, that I am accustomed getting from the guy. So we came to enjoy the convenience of the NetTAB automated betting program. As the program works out the different forms of wagering in the various ways requested by the user ready for his perusal, now all he has to do is once he is on the NetTAB’s Expert betting section, he can copy unlimited amount of bets unto the clipboard. Then dump it into the batch file section of the TAB page and by pressing the SUBMIT button  Bob’s your uncle. I know it sounds to simple but that is exactly how it is. The hard work was done I the programming, by interpreting each race and give it it’s right TAB code and the numbers of the bets with the right amounts just flow trough without a hitch. 

Betting this way one hardly done justice to the day's selections, that one has worked so studiously on. The program became a huge success. 

No more last minute rushing!

In it's present form the program computes different forms of wagering in different ways. The choice is up to the user, and is ready for his inspection before he lodges the bets on the NetTAB.

This now became a simple operation. You simply choose "the Expert's " betting section, having copied the (unlimited) number of various bets onto your unit's Clipboard, now you are ready to dump it into the bottom part of the betting page marked "Batch files", then press the button "Submit" and that is all. I sounds simple I know, but that is IT. The hard work is done in the programming, by recognising each race for what it is and give it it's right TAB code, bet data such as the right bet numbers, amounts wagered flow through without a hitch. We haven't had an unexpectable bet yet.

To upload a race irrespective of the number of betting combinations takes but a mere couple of minutes with a couple of runs under your belt, instead a never ending saga to get set. I know you will be just as exited about this latest “Quality” edition to the SRA2001 as I was, nothing less would have complimented this excellent handicapping program, further adding to it’s versatility.

With a couple of runs under your belt it will take you a mere couple of minutes, no limit of the number and types of combinations. I know that you will be exited about this latest "Quality" addition to the SRA 2001 as I am, as this is a truly excellent compliment to an excellent handicapping program further adding to its versatility. 

After evaluating your selected race with SRA2001 you could always easily calculate the Exotic Betting combinations, such as Quinellas, Exactas, Trifectas and Doubles.

From now on, it is easy to create complete betting batch files for NetTAB's Expert Betting section With SRA2001 version 7.0. You can put Win, Place, Quinella, Exacta and Trifecta stakes on NetTAB in one batch file!

It is fully automated and incorporated into SRA2001. There is no need for extra programs or special knowledge.



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