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Strike rate

Evidence for usefulness of SRA2001

The results speak for themselves, from the beginning of September 1996 to April 1997 my Strike Rate was almost every second race (44.43 %) and the average winning percentage was 371 % on the daily investment. The multiple Quinella  and Trifecta  collects made this possible.

Previous strike rate

This remarkable accomplishment was achieved working on the form at home, using only phone TAB  facilities, relying on race morning’s prices as a guide. As I am confined to a wheelchair (11 years) it is difficult to go to the racetrack . So my program was developed along these lines, which is equally successful for the stay at home punter .

The most “spectacular” successes were in Big Money Races. When there is big prize money up for grabs, surprising how much truer the form reads. Also some of the lead-up races to group events, one seems to find the contenders running more to their true form.



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