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Contents of the Manual

Your Starting Gate is your SRA2001 Manual!

PART 1 Preface 

CHAPTER 1.1 About the authors 

CHAPTER 1.2 Introduction

1.2.1 On punting today
1.2.2 What is SRA2001? 
1.2.3 Evidence for usefulness of SRA2001 
1.2.4 Future plans, updates Future of our present SRA2001 version 6.7c The next SRA2001 version 7.0 (Windows 95 and above version) 
1.2.5 Installing and running SRA2001 System requirements How to install the SRA2001 horse selecting and exotic betting advisor program How to run SRA2001? 
1.2.6 Organization of this booklet

PART 2 Racing concepts

CHAPTER 2.1 How horses run

2.1.1 Assessment of their future runs [bonus/penalty system]
2.1.2 Patterns of predictability Positive and Negative factors Positive factors: Negative factors: 
2.1.3 Other considerations Improvements Riders Spell Trackwork Rain Affected Ratings 
2.1.4 Winning maxims and methods Definition of the CLASSES used in different states and tracks with the total number catered for on the SRA2001: Classes in 1999 and the 21st century! 
2.1.5 Handicapping terms
2.1.6 The class conscious punter 
2.1.7 Necessary data, data sources

CHAPTER 2.2 Betting types, exotic betting

2.2.1 Win & Place
2.2.2 The lure of the exotic betting
2.2.3 Quinellas & Trifectas
2.2.4 Doubles, Trebles & others

PART 3 Computers in handicapping

CHAPTER 3.1 A quick overview of the analysis of the run of horses 

3.1.1 To start a new race
3.1.2 A typical race

CHAPTER 3.2 Preparing a race analysis (data entry) 

3.2.1 Fast and reliable data input
3.2.2 Correct wrong data [list of horses with colour bar] Correct wrong data during data entry Correct wrong data later 
3.2.3 Filling race data
3.2.4 Weight calculation 

CHAPTER 3.3 Calculating exotic betting combinations 

3.3.1 Prepare the calculation of exotic betting combinations Calculation of Quinella and Trifecta combinations: Calculation of Doubles combinations: 

PART 4 Punting on a regular base

CHAPTER 4.1 Filing system

4.1.1 Save your races [naming conventions] 
4.1.2 Other file managing functions
4.1.3 Print filing sheets of races Main data sheet Betting sheets 
4.1.4 Log files View the contents of a log file Word searching feature Delete the content of a log file 

CHAPTER 4.2 From preparation till last minute fine tuning

4.2.1 Manage your odds
4.2.2 Scratching/Deleting horses
4.2.3 Amend horses' weight
4.2.4 Adding new horse to an already analysed race 

CHAPTER 4.3 Organize your betting

4.3.1 The pricing or the "odds"
4.3.2 Your betting bank and betting ways
4.3.3 To bet or not to bet
4.3.4 Beating the races
4.3.5 At the track
4.3.6 Pick winners only

PART 5 Appendices

Appendix A. Change the program's configuration 
Appendix B. Pittsburgh Phil's Maxims
Appendix C. DOS shell feature - command line options 
Appendix D. Navigation keys 
Appendix E. Screenshots of SRA2001 
Appendix F. Abbreviations of the class tables 

PART 6 Index 


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