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Frequently Asked Questions

What is SRA 2001?

It stands for a Race Handicapping Program, which was developed on sound Scientific principals as well as practical knowledge I gathered, during almost 40 years as a regular punter as well as owner of several gallopers. Finally after a lifetime of  dedication, with the help of a professional Programmer this program, packed with features that is well in advance of  the best programs I have seen to date. Hance the designation of 2001. Itís strike rate and profit margin is phenomenal, with the use of Exotic Betting which is kept very much in the forefront.
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Why is this program different to others?

First of all, it stood the test of time and proved itself to be highly reliable, yet it was substantially modified for productivityís sake, and not  just to embrace the changes that occurred in racing in the past. Besides analysing for the likely winner of the race, it embraces just about every other necessary and useful aspects of racing. Wether you are a regular Racegoer, Stay at home TAB punter, or a mere novice it will serve you equally well. It is extremely easy to operate (user friendly). It incorporates a unique way of  measuring the strength of class in each state. Itís pricing of predicability is spot on, including a host of extra facilities that you just want find in other handicapping programs. It will even calculate the jockeyís value factor as you answer itís prompts. The Userís  Guide which is accompanying this program, is full of the most useful handicapping hints. Even an absolute beginner can become a regular winner, if he or she takes the time to read it.
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How long does it take to handicap a race?

If you take my advice, you will rarely end up with more than about four (4) good races to analyse from a weekendís program. Midweek betting I do not favour as the class of  hayburnerís is getting lower by the week. You can say that on the average, one can analyse a race in an hour but here again this can be shorter or longer, depends how deeply you want to research prior performances or trackwork evaluation etc. With a little experience you will halve the time, as you will find that most things will become second  nature to you.
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Having made the selections, how do I go about betting?

The single most important factor of all this exercise is to make Money. Forget about the glory of being
the most popular bloke in your local pub for picking the most winners, as you can still end up a looser if
you donít know the other, equally important half of punting the "betting ".
A non systematic approach rarely succeeds in betting. You should study up on several forms of money management, after all that is what betting is all about. Consider Level stakes, Progression, Target
betting, Percentage of the bank  etc. All of these betting modes are discussed and can be studied on the down loadable sample program. The most important part is that when you do bet, you bet to a sensible
preconceived formula, which will suit your temperament, and it is the type that will not cause you to  panic, when  the inevitable loosing run appears and has to be beaten. As long as you can organise your
betting side of things, you are well on the way to success. One thing is for certain. You canít bet every choice the TAB has thought of,  Make your choice and stick to it and you will show a profit by not
diversifying. The most important part is to have confidence in your judgement.

Bet to Win:
The striking rate of the SRA 2001 is high enough to be able to lay your money with confidence on your selection  Straight out, no each way betting  as far as I am concerned, you may feel differently see what suits you best. Itís main purpose in my betting for WIN is mainly to cover the moneys I outlay on my Trifectas and Quinellas as they are my main money earners, that is not to say that, I do not  have my fair share of winners as well.

The betting strategy is simple and effective (profitable), I simply take the top three selection  made by the computer, and couple them up in an "all combination" mode unless I want to make a "stand out"  selection, which is not very often. After having entered on the computer the latest "YOUR ODDS" section with the race morningís last odds, (which is convenient and works out well) that are available about those horses, then the program will calculate the exact amount required to lay on each combination wether I bet to a target (amount to collect) or to a maximum stake, to a percentage of the bank or whatever staking method I was using at the time.

Just as with the quinella except here you take the first FOUR horses selected by the program. Follow all the steps previously used for the Quinella, you will get easy to follow prompts anyhow in both cases to guide you along. Again NO fancy formulas like, take so many horses for second, so many for third position just rely on your SRA 2001 and itís exceptional striking rate it will select a respectable amount of winning combinations to keep you smiling. Remember the old adage "WINNERS ARE GRINNERS"

DO NOT TAKE BAD VALUE ODDS!! The knowledge  that your ally is the fact that there will only be twenty four of these all powerful programs available, so do not delay your decision, and be sure you include the SRA 2001 in your stable.
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How to evaluate a field of horses and prepare your betting combinations?

 Select the Horses Make your Bets
ENTER for each horse: 
 - data of the given race 
 - data from a previous "qualifying/typical race 
 - the computers' prices, 
 - or the TAB/Bookmakers' odds. 
You will GET 
 - a table of the Winning Chances expressed in weight 
 - a set of fine tuned Prices 
BET the Winner 
 - previously entered data  
 - any prices you prefer 
 - Doubles 
 - Quinellas 
 - Trifectas 
SAVE The Results  SELECT 2, 3 or More Horses 
BEFORE THE RUN of the Race 
 - you can scratch horses 
 - add new contenders 
 - quickly recalculate your prices 
PRINT the List of all Combinations of Exotic Betting
Put Your Money Under Your Pillow or Increase Your Stakes accordingly.   
Users Guide Programs' strike rate

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 In the Mean Time  
Learn the Teaching of Pittsburg Phil
the patron saint of all punters  



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