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Runs form

This page is to manage the data of the horse's previous runs.

List of data to be entered:

Race number
Race track
Distance [in meters]
Date of race [in a dd/mm/yy format, where dd stands for days, mm for months and yy for the last two digits of years. Yes 00 for year 2K. The program works properly with dates after 31 December, 1999.]

Trackwork [in lengths] (A detailed description of trackwork evaluation is available.)
Weight the horse carried in the race [in kilos]
SRA rating [in kilos as well]

Pop-up windows

Press the small button at the right side of the Race track field and you will be able to select the name of the track from the list described in the Training form session.

The Race date field also has a small button at its right side. Press on it and you will be able to select the date of the race in a very convenient manner.

Click on the month and year displayed in blue in the heading and the calendar pops to "today’s date".

If you click on the single triangle on the left it will show you the previous month, its pair on the right side will display the calendar of next month. Buttons with double triangles work in a similar way, but they guide you to the previous year, or next year.

After selecting the date of the race, press the [Ok] button.



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